Fighting for Nellie

In August 1862 during the darkest days of the American Civil War, Osgood Tracy volunteers to fight for the North, leaving behind the love of his life, Nellie Sedgwick, for the front lines. There, the twenty-two year old idealistic young man discovers a baptism of fire and alongside comrades he’d give his life for, endures a physical and emotional journey back, all the while hoping Nellie, whose photograph and love he carries with him, embraces him at the end.

On the home front, though, Nellie fights her own battles. Fraught with family calamity, guilt, and courtships, she dutifully represents the Union, first at home in Syracuse, New York then Washington, D.C., as she struggles with a decision that may haunt her forever.

A historical novel based upon one of the largest private letter caches in the country, written by a direct descendant, FIGHTING FOR NELLIE is a page-turning story swirling with passion and jealousy, abolitionists and slave owners, politicians, war heroes, and rebels, and the quest for undying love. A story demonstrating that life can change in an instant, war alters everything, and we must fight for what we love, FIGHTING FOR NELLIE will remind readers of Cold Mountain from a Northerner’s perspective and a contemporary All Quiet on the Western Front.

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welcome to Sarah tracy burrows

About Me

Passionate about reading and writing since a young girl and inspired by true stories and memorabilia handed down by my beloved grandfather, I write historical and current fiction based on true events, as well as nonfiction and poetry. For me, writing is one of the ultimate ways to express my self, experiences, and what inspires my soul, such as acts of kindness, courage, and stamping out individual and social injustices.

A native of Central New York and graduate of Hobart & William Smith Colleges with a B.A. in English and history, I worked for many years at a Boston publishing company in editing, sales and marketing. I live on that city’s North Shore with my family — am proud of our three sons’ — and Golden Retriever, Scout, a ‘pathfinder.’ My passions besides writing, family, and friends include photography, music, running, swimming, skiing, walking nearby beaches, the Adirondack Mountains, and watching every sunrise and sunset possible.

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What People Say About Sarah Tracy Burrows

"Sarah, You captured the years of Ryan’s life perfectly in the poem! I’m sure all moms' and dads' reading this relate and have tears in their eyes. I know I do!"
Stephanie Carafotes Serpa
Yoga Instructor
July 04, 2016
So excited for you and love what you've posted!
Patti Mielnicki Barbalich
Mother, Early Childhood Education, Teacher  - Patti Mielnicki Barbalich
August 20, 2016
I can't wait to read FIGHTING FOR NELLIE all the way through!
Katie Tortorello
Founder  - The Write Direction
August 20, 2016
I'm hooked! That's great. Can't wait to read it!! Wow, Sarah, we are all so impressed!!
Laurel Ingraham Fitzmaurice
Self-employed Editor
August 20, 2016
Sarah, can't wait to read more.... Keep stepping up and out!
Pam Mellor Guyer
Founder, Living HIPP  - Managing Director, BeautyCounter
August 20, 2016
Really looking forward to this read.
Ingrid Van Slyke
PSA, Artist, Teacher
August 20, 2016
Love!!! Have the chills - what happens next?
Carleen Strudas Rivers
Yoga Instructor
August 20, 2016
Let me know when you get this published, I can't wait to buy it! I'm so proud of you.
Janette Robinson Harrington
August 20, 2016
This is wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!
Barb Hanlon
United Healthcare Group
August 20, 2016
Wow! Love it! For some reason Kevin Costner is narrating this to me! More, more, more!!
Lauren Gold
Excel Orthopaedic Specialists and New England Sports Orthopedics
August 20, 2016
Sarah! I'm so impressed! Can't wait to see it on the NY Times Best Seller list!
Catherine Daley
August 20, 2016
What an amazing accomplishment!
Carol Stuart
Test Position  - Test Company
August 20, 2016
Brings a time from the past alive. I am reminded of the feeling I had reading The Diary of Anne Frank. This work is fabulous. A real reminder of what came before in order to make today what it is.
Suzanne Crocker
Artist, Who\'s Who in the World  -
September 05, 2016
A great story with original documentation never before printed. Readers love the Civil War. The author has absolute passion and dedication.
Eleanor Herman
New York Times Bestselling author, historian, host, History Channel, National Geographic  -
September 05, 2016
Well written and Osgood is around the big wigs of the Sixth Corps.
Patrick A. Schroeder
NHP and Civil War historian  -  Appomattox%20Court%20House
September 05, 2016
A wonderful narrative, based upon a large collection of letters, detailed and historically interesting.
Howard R. LaMar
Former Yale University Dean and Professor of History  - Yale University
September 05, 2016
Exciting, suspenseful, and extremely well-written. I love this story! It has war, loyalty, death, jealousy, and love, which every good war story needs. Great characters - the important Sedgwicks - friends to the likes of Hawthorne and Alcott. War generals and heroes. "Feminists." The juicy part of this story is whether or not Osgood's love will be there to embrace him when he returns home.
Donna Moreau
New York Times Bestselling Author, historian  - Waiting Wives: The Story of Schillng Manor, Home Front to the Vietnam War
September 05, 2016
"Tears reading your poem! Being in the thick of it with a 2 & 4 year old and then seeing graduation signs all over town and prom photos on FB it all seems so far away for me but I know it will go fast!"
Katie McClain
Mother, Marketing  - Katie McClain
September 12, 2016
Your heart is on the page. So real. I could hear your voice as I read. So sweet and true.
Jason Marsh
Artist, Designer
January 26, 2017

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Fighting for Nellie

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Fighting for Nellie

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I am pleased to present my author website featuring FIGHTING FOR NELLIE: A Civil War Love Story Inspired by True Events. Comments and ‘likes’ welcome and helpful on the website. Some of you will see testimonials you have already made. Thank you! Also, please follow and ‘like’ FIGHTING FOR NELLIE on FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

I will soon be sending my website and query (one-page ‘hook’) to appropriate literary agents, hoping to find the right agent and publisher who can help take FIGHTING FOR NELLIE as far as I have always known it can go – to the moon! Think Cold Mountain from a Northerner’s Perspective. Or a contemporary All Quiet on the Western Front.

Best of all, FIGHTING FOR NELLIE is a book with a cause – it will ‘give back’ just like it’s true characters did. Following in the footsteps of my military and political ancestors who fought for the civil and social rights of others, a percentage of net proceeds will help preserve Civil War battlefields and aid U.S. Veterans and/or families of servicemen and women fallen in the line of duty in any war.

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