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Spring 2018

Latest News. I am currently collaborating with Civil War historian, author, and San Bernandino University associate professor, Ryan Keating, PhD, on a nonfiction manuscript based on @220 letters written by my 2nd great grandfather, Colonel Osgood Vose Tracy, 122nd NYSV, during his service in the Civil War, as well as those written by his younger brother, Medal of Honor recipient, Captain William Gardiner Tracy, 122nd NYSV. Dr. Keating will be attending national historian and Civil War conferences in April and May where he will be speaking to university press editors and publishers about the manuscript, which is near completion.

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July News

Pleased to be one voice in One Hundred Voices Volume III An Anthology by Centum Press. Included is my short story "Asking for a Puppy," entwining a young girl’s longing for a dog and the healing discovery she makes, journeying through life, that all things seem connected. To order paperback or hardcover, use my author and 10% discount code: 100V3-13 on Amazon. Thank you! Featuring new and experienced authors from around the world who write in many different genres and styles, the book provides a exposure to dozens of authors...

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October News

Excited to announce that one of my short stories, "Asking for a Puppy," will be published in One Hundred Voices: An Anthology, Volume III by Centum Press. A second short story, "Unlocking Sarah: A Cold Winter Day," will be printed in the anthology One Hundred Tails. Stay with your passions. Work hard. Keep the faith. Give back. Dreams will come true!

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Fighting for Nellie

The mid day sun beat down. Humidity hung thick, sultriness filled the air. The ninety-degree temperature felt oppressive but adrenaline raced through my veins. The square was packed with people – our volunteer regiment, one-thousand men strong, and a mass of spectators rallying ‘round – for we were to leave in less than a week to fight for the North in the War of the Rebellion. The ceremony closed, the flag raised, and the band struck up ‘America.’ Cheers and shouts went up as the crowd dispersed for the streets with the sound of bridles clicking and spoke wheels turning, swirling dust all around. I told my friends, Andy and Lester, I’d catch up with them later, leaving them looking puzzled as I hurried off to my horse, tied to an oak tree on East Genesee Street. “It’s a big day, Freedom,” I pronounced, stroking his white stripe running down his black snout, his e

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Print & Ebook available soon at: The book is not published yet.